CSS Insurance: Using Big Data & Marketing Analytics to be Best-In-Class in Customer Satisfaction

“If you don’t have any data, you don’t know, it’s like you are driving a car and you are blind, and that’s the same as the data.  It’s the basis. You can manage by emotions, but not by facts. I like to combine emotions with facts because it gives you much more power.” – Volker Schmidt, CIO & CMO


Volker Schmidt, CIO & CMO

More power with data; that’s how CSS Insurance is fulfilling their mission to be best-in-class in customer service by 2018. Founded in 1899, this Switzerland based insurance group serves 1.77 million people and is the country’s leading health, accident and property insurance company. When the Teradata customer engagement team sat down with CIO & CMO Volker Schmidt we understood very quickly why they are leading the way.  CSS is innovating with data and solutions every day!  Because insurance is commodity product CSS knows they have to differentiate with service or price; CSS is choosing service. Utilizing sophisticated analytics with Teradata Aster ™, Teradata Marketing Applications and their integrated data warehouse, CSS Insurance built the “Process House” for every single customer interaction.  That’s billing, the call center, claims – everything! Understanding every process that a client has to take has forced the company to have transparency on all customer interactions. When it comes to customer satisfaction the “Process House” drives everything. From a client point of view, this is customer experience management. From the CSS point of view, this is process and quality management.  When CSS improves each step/interaction, they ultimately improve customer satisfaction and thus, the brand.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 2.41.00 PM“If a customer is not really satisfied with the service, this information gets back to the data warehouse and we are sending out another lead to a professional client rep to contact the unsatisfied customer to solve his problem immediately.  With a process like that, we reduce the churn of the unsatisfied customer dramatically.” – Volker Schmidt, CIO & CMO

They’re also using inbound calls to serve their customers – by offering them the next best product, an offer that is individualized to the customer by Teradata Customer Interaction Manager (CIM).

“If you’re doing a campaign based on event-driven marketing, it’s often an Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 2.46.34 PMoutbound campaign.  We are receiving more than 2M telephone calls in our call center a year, and we are using these contacts. The service reps get the campaign represented on the CRM system; he is asking the client if he needs more insurance, because of the next best product analytics we’re doing.”  Volker Schmidt, CIO & CMO

Using web analytics and customer data, CSS Insurance is able to understand their customers even better to increase customer satisfaction.

“We have been running our internet portal for about ten months – you get personalized information about the client, how he is interacting, and we are also gathering this kind of data and performing analytics.  If you are just analyzing your website with anonymous clients, it’s not so interesting.  Now, if you know who your client is and what he’s doing on the internet portal and what is he looking for, you have much more information. You can connect with the client and use it for other campaigns; we redesign webpages, we improve the customer process flows.” – Volker Schmidt, CIO & CMO

Without dictating to customers specific treatments, CSS Insurance is able to send customers information and recommendations on diagnosis and treatments for the conditions they are searching.

On the horizon for CSS? Groundbreaking stuff. In order to reach their best-in-class vision for 2018, CSS will be using Teradata Aster™ to translate speech to text from customer calls and then perform sentiment analysis to come up with a fully automated customer satisfaction score for each (remember they average 2M incoming calls per year).

An unsatisfied customer tells all his friends about his experience with CSS, and that’s not good.  If he is satisfied he also tells everyone about the experience of CSS. We’re not asking any questions, ‘Hey, how satisfied are you?’  We just figure it out and call him.  We would like to bring this data from the telephone system into Aster, have an algorithm to analyze the sentiment of the speech, and send out a lead via the CRM or with the CIM system to our front, and then somebody can solve the problem of our customers.” – Volker Schmidt, CIO & CMO, CSS Insurance

Congratulations and thank you to the entire CSS Insurance team for sharing your story of success!


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