Data-Driven Success

There’s no question about it—when it comes to putting data-driven innovation to work across the business, Teradata customers do it best.

Telefónica U.K., one of the largest telecommunications companies in the U.K., is a good example. The company is on a mission to expand its customers’ mobile capabilities and provide a better experience across all channels. By integrating geospatial and customer data, it’s able to effectively communicate with customers in real time and make better data-driven decisions.

Raiffeisen Bank International, which operates in 17 countries across Central and Eastern Europe, also uses data to spark innovation. The bank embarked on a journey to build an enterprise-wide data warehouse based on a harmonized risk and financial data model. Now that risk and finance speak the same language, everyone can share and benefit from the same information, which leads to deeper insights.

This type of innovation can deliver myriad benefits for any organization in any industry, including improved products and services, enhanced business processes, better business models, and huge revenue opportunities.

Carly Schramm
Assistant Editor
Teradata Magazine



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