Do You Need A Big Data Plan?

Turning data into value doesn’t happen on its own. It requires a comprehensive strategy for gathering, analyzing and acting on a vast range of integrated information. Even if you’re skeptical about all the hype surrounding big data, the fact is it will play a significant role in shaping your business over the next few years.

The new issue of Teradata Magazine poses the question, “Who needs a big data strategy, anyway?” The answer is simple—you do. Having a comprehensive plan will enable you to overcome today’s business challenges while seizing tomorrow’s opportunities. Whether you already have a plan or you’re just getting started, you’ll want to check out our Special Section, which delves into:

  • Why a blueprint is essential to exploit big data
  • Expert advice for developing best practices for strategy execution
  • Three priorities for big data success
  • Statistics demonstrating how businesses gain an advantage through big data

Whatever your business goals—predicting outcomes more effectively, growing revenues, reaching a new customer base—a big data strategy can pave the way.

Read the big data Special Section and more in the new Q1 2015 issue of Teradata Magazine.

Brett Martin
Teradata Magazine

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