Does Anyone Know I Like Zorbing?

UntitledIndulge me for just a minute. Let’s imagine a scenario where you actually were tasked with buying me a gift this holiday season.

If you’re like most marketers, you’d probably rely on a traditional process to determine what it is that I like. You’d start by identifying my gender, my age and where I live. Then, you’d add my marital status, what I do for work and if possible, my income. On top of that, I’m guessing that you’d want to know something about my family life. Do I have children? If so, what ages are they? Do I own a pet?

Following the traditional segmentation approach, my guess is you’d be able to determine that I’m a married father of four who lives in Colorado and works as the Global Corporate Communications Director for Teradata Marketing Applications.

But even if you were backed by basic information like that, how confident would you be in buying a present for me? Does the traditional demographic data tell you all you need to know? When you adhere to a typical segmentation strategy what, if anything, do you learn about my specific preferences and how I like to spend my free time?

In order to find out those things, you’d have to get to know me as an individual, not some compilation of data points on a spreadsheet. You’d have to use data driven solutions and analytics tools to close the gap that exists between my basic demographic information and the information that I’ve shared across other digital channels. Once you were able to close that gap, you’d have much more insight into who I am and what I like to do. In fact, you might even be able to determine that my 2016 wish list includes tickets for activities like:

  • Zorbing – the sport of rolling downhill inside a large sphere (orb) that’s typically made of transparent plastic. (Yes, zorbing is real.)
  • Wingsuit skydiving – I was absolutely fascinated by the 61 wingsuit skydivers who set the record for the largest flying formation earlier this year.
  • Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo – A guy can dream, right?

I hope I’m making my point. The goal of this whole exercise is not to guilt you into buying me a present. The goal is for you to see the value in seeing the unique individual customer clearly. When you understand what your customers are telling you, and when you understand the context of those insights, you can make data-driven decisions about how to meet each one of their needs. You can deliver a cohesive, coordinated and relevant customer experience – for Millennial teetotalers and middle-aged zorbers alike.  Then maybe, in the spirit of gift exchange, you’d also expect a gift from me.  Without hesitation I’d surely get you an Individualized Marketing solution namely,  Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud.  Yes, you’d have to pay for it, but by knowing your individual customers going forward, the expense would be negligible.  The wasted touches would be lessened.  And your brand will get stronger.

Happy Holidays!

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