Powering-Up Utility Insights with Analytics

From reducing operating costs to meeting regulatory requirements, today’s Utilities are faced with a new wave of business challenges.

One major business shift is the increasing amount of data collection, as well as the investment in applications and tools to leverage that data. However, many Utilities companies are behind the curve their ability to integrate that data in meaningful and measurable ways.

So, what are the prime areas where Teradata sees opportunity to drive change with data? Here are four major areas in which Utilities companies can use analytic insight to make big gains:

Operations and Financial Management

Uncovering operational inefficiencies is just the tip of the iceberg to an increased view of your company’s finances. By integrating data from across operations, you can better invest funds across the business. Additionally, this can help in service investments and priorities—yet another cost benefit.

Energy Efficiency and Demand Response

Increased customer participation in EE and DR programs depend on improvements in customer segmentation, program performance, and measurement. Such improvements lead to reduced revenue losses, enhanced insight for regulatory bodies and even improved load management and power quality.

Load Management and Power Quality

By using the increased transparency and insights enabled by data and analytics, Utilities can gain remarkable control over load management and power quality. That control can reduce generation costs, head off potentially large capital outlays, and increases revenue.

Regulatory and Rate Design

In order to maintain healthy margins, Utilities require readily accessible and accurate data. This information is not only crucial for the company itself but for regulatory commissions as a means to justify rate design. By providing insight into the accuracy of those variances by customer and rate types, utilities can put in top line adjustments as appropriate.

An experienced leader in data-driven technology is an important partner in applying these ideas and developing an appropriate plan to address your company’s challenges.

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