Teradata Cares at PARTNERS 2015: Assembling Wheelchairs For Veterans In Need

DSC_0622Over the years, I’ve devoted many posts to discussing how Teradata is committed to helping you optimize your use of data. This morning, I’d like to take a different tack and discuss another of Teradata’s long-standing commitments: community service. Our dedication to volunteer activities formally manifests itself through “Teradata Cares,” a program designed to build strong and vibrant communities, improve quality of life and make a positive difference wherever Teradata employees live and work. The Teradata Cares website does a terrific job of explaining the rationale:

“Volunteering unleashes the power of the human spirit, fuels individual passions, develops employee skills, facilitates teamwork and strengthens the bonds between our company and the communities where we live and do business… By working together, we can build a better world.”

That spirit permeates our company culture, and so it should come as no surprise that Teradata Cares plays a key role at our PARTNERS conference every fall. This year in Anaheim was no exception, and today, I’d like to highlight one of the special community service initiatives attendees there participated in:

At PARTNERS 2015, we assembled wheelchairs for veterans in need.

As you’ll see in this Periscope stream, the wheelchair components were delivered to the conference center in boxes. Attendees used the tools provided to build a total of 35 wheelchairs in all. Once assembled, these wheelchairs were destined for the Orange County Stand Down for Homeless Veterans and Veterans Resource Expo.

According to the Orange County Stand Down website, California is home to 1.8 million veterans –more than any other state. In Orange County alone, at least 4,500 Veterans are on waiting lists for affordable housing; 1,388 are homeless. Clearly, the need is great.

At Teradata, we’re dedicated to investing in the communities we’re a part of, along with the ones we serve. Our returning service members deserve the opportunity to thrive, and this Veterans Day, I’m proud that we at Teradata were able to help make a difference in the Anaheim community.

Whether we’re assembling wheelchairs or tackling world problems with data science, I truly believe that “by working together, we can build a better world.”

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