Triple-Digit ROI for ICBC Argentina

ICBC Argentina continues to be an innovative force in the marketplace. The Buenos Aires-based bank, which is one of the top 10 private banks in Argentina, earned an estimated ROI of nearly 400% after utilizing business and customer insights gained through analytics.

When the bank’s portfolio forecasted a worsening of the economic cycle, ICBC Argentina anticipated that more staff would be needed in the collections call center. However, instead of hiring new agents and spending upwards of $ 23,000 per person, the bank analyzed its processes to look for opportunities to make current operations more effective and efficient. The bank’s new strategy, which uses a predictive data model, resulted in:

  • Increased collection efficiency
  • 43.5% reduction in outbound call volume
  • 59% decrease in written notices
  • 392% estimated ROI

The bank now has more successful case management using the same resources but it didn’t stop there.

To learn how ICBC Argentina capitalized on cross-sell opportunities, read the full article in the Q2 2015 issue of Teradata Magazine. 

Carly Schramm
Assistant Editor
Teradata Magazine

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