Welcome to the ‘Analytics of Everything’

Consumers are constantly switching brands, forcing companies to find new ways to keep existing customers, win back old ones and appeal to new ones.

We live in hyper-connected world. Billions of “things,” including people, businesses, machines and sensors, are interacting and creating new types of data at volumes never seen before. The Internet of Things (IoT) presents an enormous opportunity to integrate and analyze data from a diverse range of sources.

Analytics is what gives the IoT meaning. The “Analytics of Everything” (AoE) delivers actionable insights to businesses on any area of interest at the most granular levels. These insights have the potential to disrupt and transform products, services, processes and even entire supply chains and industries.

As the latest issue of Teradata Magazine points out, the barrier to turning so much data into value is that companies are not leveraging the information that’s available to them. In fact, some organizations are using just 1% of their data. In this issue, you’ll find out:

This issue also features business case studies, thought leadership from today’s industry influencers and innovative technologies that can give businesses a strategic advantage. Download our free app to read it on your iPhone and iPad.

Brett Martin


Teradata Magazine

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