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    The Information Difference Data Warehouse Landscape Q4 2015 

    Teradata Analyst Reports

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    Teradata Reports 2015 Fourth Quarter and Full-Year Results 

    Teradata Reports 2015 Fourth Quarter and Full-Year Results • Fourth quarter revenue was $ 719 million

    Teradata News Releases

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    Top 10 analytics tips from Data Marketing 2015 conference 

    Teradata Press Mentions

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    2015 Q4 AM Forrester Wave Report PSM 

    Teradata Analyst Reports

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    Four Ways Customers Changed In 2015 And What You Can Do To Adapt In 2016 

    Change Email Service ProviderMarketing trends that began a few years ago can no longer be ignored. Looking back over the past several months, it’s become increasingly clear that:

    1. The customer is in charge. You can manage the customer relationship, but don’t waste resources trying to control it. Done right, marketing creates interactions that foster a greater understanding of the uniqueness of each individual’s needs and desires. That means your job is to captivate, not control.

    2.“Traditional” customers are just as demanding as millennials. As I mentioned last month, my mom is a grandparent who, at times, shops like a millennial. She’s not 100% brick and mortar. She’s not 100% digital. But regardless of where or how she shops, she expects individualized customer service. My mom is a great reminder that consumers across all demographics are now more demanding. If you don’t engage, you’ll lose – and not just millennials, but more traditional shoppers, too.

    3. Marketers need to choreograph a conversation across multiple diverse channels. Let’s say you send customers an initial piece of collateral by direct mail. When one of those customers comes into the store, you need to pick up that same conversation. You need to know what offers have been presented, what drove them into the store. Then, after the sale, you need to have follow-up dialogue – maybe by email or social media – to keep the conversation going.  The marketing applications you’re using have to enable the brand to carry on a seamless conversation across multiple touchpoints and channels.

    4. Engagement must be appropriately paced at the rate of the individual. As I’ve outlined in #1-3 above, marketing success requires engagement, but that engagement must be delivered when it’s most meaningful. You can’t just blast out a message and expect all of your customers to be at the same place on the experience curve. Instead, you need to be responsive to your customers as individuals. Each one wants to be part of the dialogue at their own pace.

    How can you best respond to changes like these and create the kind of marketing campaigns that drive revenue? I suggest you observe what I call “the four essential truths of real-time customer engagement.” Namely:

    1. If you don’t know who you’re talking to, it’s almost impossible to be relevant.
    2. If you’re not managing the journey your customer is on, someone else is.
    3. If you can’t decide which of your offers are most appropriate, you can’t expect your customer to do it for you.
    4. If you can’t get your message delivered at the right time, it doesn’t really matter how good it is.

    More to help me remember them than anything else, I made up a relatively simple mnemonic. In short, you need to:

    …and if you follow those links, you’ll find a blog post that goes into detail about each one.

    It’s December, the season for thinking ahead and planning for the New Year. If your company is prepared, you’ll be able to withstand – and even embrace – all that’s evolving, while maintaining your competitive edge. For more about how you can adapt to changing consumer behaviors, check out the interview we recently streamed over Periscope.

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    Teradata 2015 Partners 10 things to watch out for by industry 

    Teradata Press Mentions

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    Teradata Cares at PARTNERS 2015: Assembling Wheelchairs For Veterans In Need 

    DSC_0622Over the years, I’ve devoted many posts to discussing how Teradata is committed to helping you optimize your use of data. This morning, I’d like to take a different tack and discuss another of Teradata’s long-standing commitments: community service. Our dedication to volunteer activities formally manifests itself through “Teradata Cares,” a program designed to build strong and vibrant communities, improve quality of life and make a positive difference wherever Teradata employees live and work. The Teradata Cares website does a terrific job of explaining the rationale:

    “Volunteering unleashes the power of the human spirit, fuels individual passions, develops employee skills, facilitates teamwork and strengthens the bonds between our company and the communities where we live and do business… By working together, we can build a better world.”

    That spirit permeates our company culture, and so it should come as no surprise that Teradata Cares plays a key role at our PARTNERS conference every fall. This year in Anaheim was no exception, and today, I’d like to highlight one of the special community service initiatives attendees there participated in:

    At PARTNERS 2015, we assembled wheelchairs for veterans in need.

    As you’ll see in this Periscope stream, the wheelchair components were delivered to the conference center in boxes. Attendees used the tools provided to build a total of 35 wheelchairs in all. Once assembled, these wheelchairs were destined for the Orange County Stand Down for Homeless Veterans and Veterans Resource Expo.

    According to the Orange County Stand Down website, California is home to 1.8 million veterans –more than any other state. In Orange County alone, at least 4,500 Veterans are on waiting lists for affordable housing; 1,388 are homeless. Clearly, the need is great.

    At Teradata, we’re dedicated to investing in the communities we’re a part of, along with the ones we serve. Our returning service members deserve the opportunity to thrive, and this Veterans Day, I’m proud that we at Teradata were able to help make a difference in the Anaheim community.

    Whether we’re assembling wheelchairs or tackling world problems with data science, I truly believe that “by working together, we can build a better world.”

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    Teradata Reports 2015 Third Quarter Results and Updates Key Initiatives 

    NEWS RELEASE Teradata Reports 2015 Third Quarter Results and Updates Key Initiatives • Third quarter revenue of $ 606 million, down 3% in constant currency(1) • Non-GAAP EPS of $ 0.55(2) • Full year revenue is now expected to be flat to down 2% in constant currency(1) • Full-year non-GAAP EPS now expected to be in the $ 2

    Teradata News Releases

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    A Dozen Great Moments From Teradata PARTNERS 2015 


    Press conference panel.

    Last week’s Teradata PARTNERS 2015 conference in Anaheim, California was a five-day deep dive into how global companies can optimize the use of data, analytics and integrated marketing applications to change the game in their industries. More than 3,500 of the world’s best and brightest attended from over 840 companies around the globe. 

    Many of those attending were business, marketing and technology leaders who came to share their latest strategies for driving enterprise value. As is always the case at Teradata events, there were countless exciting, informative, motivational – and fun! – moments. But my aim here is to share a mere handful that (somehow) capture for you the “flavor” of it all. So here, despite the fact that I could list many, many more, are my top 12 moments from Teradata PARTNERS 2015, where EVERYTHING was “Breaking Big:”


    DataKind advocate.

    1. Teradata announces global availability of the newest version of Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud. Our latest release empowers marketers to truly individualize their marketing and connect one-to-one with customers by unifying customer-interaction data across paid, earned and owned channels, at scale.  More than 100 industry journalists and analysts learned about this at our Sunday Press Conference.

    2. DataKind Data Drive. Teradata Cares is the driving force behind a strategic giving focus for our company: data philanthropy. We are thrilled to be partnering with DataKind, an organization whose mission is to use data science in the service of humanity, on this industry leading initiative. We hosted a 24-hour DataKind Data Drive, where participants got to choose what they wanted to work on and along with their Data Ambassadors, they worked together to solve problems.”

    University Reception 1

    Teradata University students.

    3. Teradata University Reception. Teradata University Network hosted an Academic Welcome Reception for students and faculty attending the conference. This is a great way for us to recognize the finalists for our 2015 Student Competitions.

    4. Opening night Welcome Reception. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

    Opening night reception 3

    Violinist at rockin’ Opening Reception.

    5. Epic Awards. These awards recognize outstanding achievement in the use of data to generate business value, innovative use of analytics technology, integrated marketing solutions, and partnership excellence. See 2015 Epic Award winners here.

    Conference attendees

    Conference and Expo Hall attendees.

    6. Expo Hall. Here Teradata and its partners showcased their latest offerings to continuous traffic from conference-goers throughout the week.  This was also the area where Teradata Cares again demonstrated its commitment to communities Teradata serves.

    House of Blues

    House of Blues.

    7. Teradata Marketing Applications takes over the House of Blues. Again, the pictures say it all!

    Robert Herjavec

    Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank.

    8. Robert Herjavec Keynote. Amazing. Inspiring. Sobering. “If the internet was a child, it would just have begun to crawl.”   The Shark Tank TV personality totally gets it when it comes to data and value.

    Mike Rowe Keynote 2

    Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs.

    9. Mike Rowe Keynote. Grit, guts and hard work. Loved his opening line: “I’m still trying to figure out what it is you people do.”  Mike made it clear that a team mindset and solid work ethic are vital to every individual’s success, and his gracious approach to finding the beauty in even “dirty jobs” was … unforgettable.

    10. Art of Analytics Exhibit.  When it comes to data visualization, science becomes art.  This exhibit at PARTNERS was very moving, and here’s an article about it from Datanami — http://www.datanami.com/2015/10/23/the-art-of-analytics-or-what-the-green-haired-people-can-teach-us/

    11. Sessions. Scores of marketing-focused content sessions explored today’s hottest marketing topics, including omni-channel marketing, digital marketing, marketing resource management and of course, individualized marketing.

    Collective Soul Gala

    Collective Soul band.

    12. Closing Gala at Disneyland with Collective Soul. The perfect way to cap-off PARTNERS 2015!

    So there you have it: my top 12 moments from PARTNERS 2015. Were you there? If so, please share your favorite moment in the comments below.

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    What I Learned at Teradata 2015 Partners 

    Another Teradata Partners conference is in the books, with over 3,500 attendees this year. It was a spectacular event, with first class speakers including Robert Herjavec and Mike Rowe, and of course session after session giving insight to how data is being turned into decisions. There was plenty of entertainment, including the NetApp booth with their Madonna and Michael Jackson impersonators educating attendees on the benefits of their storage solutions.

    Teradata 2015 Partners

    Volunteer opportunities, such as data4good, and Teradata Cares where we assembled care packages and wheelchairs were also available. The climax of the event was a private gathering at Disney’s California Adventure, where you could enjoy a few rides without the long lines, marvel at the festival of lights, and attend a concert by our guest this year, Collective Soul. If you weren’t in attendance, I just have to ask one question, “Why not?”

    Collective Soul

    Below are my key takeaways, and insights. It would be impossible to list them all, but these are at top of mind.

    Teradata Listener – The introduction of a data listening framework to plug into an analytic ecosystem; receive and route data streams for ingestion to various data stores. This is exciting technology to reduce the complexity of having to code for multiple sources and targets. This is a great self-service, low latency framework for integrating data.

    “It isn’t just about the size (volume) of the data. Even small data can be complex” – Oliver Ratzesberger, President Teradata Labs – This is a great statement. Many IT deployments brag about how many Petabytes of data they are storing in their data lakes. This is not a good measure of success. It can be more challenging to manage small volumes of complex data for big data solutions. You need to have the fundamental framework in place to scale.

    “One of my highlights is the chance to talk to such a variety of people from across the globe.”

    Product announcements: 1800, 6800, UDA Appliance – Of course Teradata will continue to bring purpose engineered solutions on commodity hardware for data integration and processing. The 1800 delivers a high-density, low TCO solution for large volumes of structured and JSON data. The 6800 continues the tradition of high-performance, mixed workload analytics for tactical and decision support. The introduction of the UDA Appliance brings a single cabinet footprint to deliver Teradata, Hadoop and Aster platforms together.

    Global Networking – One of my highlights is the chance to talk to such a variety of people from across the globe. One moment, I can be talking with a business analyst from a bank in the U.K., and the next a DBA from Tennessee.   I can discuss the challenges of a CDO with someone from an Airline from Europe, or can discuss an architecture decision with a data architect from Japan.

    Expo Floor – This year, dozens of BI, Security, Storage, Data Integration, Analytics and other vendors presented their offerings in the Expo Floor. It was good to not only see some of our long-time partners such as Protegrity, NetApp, Microstrategy, SAS and Tableau, but also some new technology like STS Thoughtspot, Alation and Aptitude Software. I can’t forget our Big Data partners as well such as Hortonworks, Cloudera, MapR and MongoDB. Yes, I also took home a bag of T-Shirts and other great items!

    Teradata University Network – This year, I had the privilege of attending presentations from the finalists in the Teradata University Network Data challenge and the Business Analytics competitions. It was so impressive to see what a bit of data combined with curious minds and analytics can produce. The work that was performed was top notch, and the findings were very insightful. It gives me great confidence in the future of analytics!

    AoE for the IoT – Over the last few years, there has been an increasing amount of hype for the Internet of Things (IoT). It is a complex problem as standards are still evolving. Businesses will require Analytics on/of Everything. The AoE enables the right instrumentation to help navigate the complex world. Of course, this requires breaking down the traditional siloes, becoming more agile where it makes sense and fostering a culture of collaboration.

    Teradata 2015 Partners

    As always, I left Teradata Partners this year energised and excited about what our customers will do with what they have learned. Every year it gets better and better. If you didn’t make it this year, your next opportunity is in Atlanta in September 2016. If you want to save on the registration fee, perhaps you can take on a speaking role and share what you and your company do with your key asset: data! The call for papers will be coming soon.

    John Berg is the lead Principal Consulting Architect for Teradata guiding market leading companies to further advance their lead over the competition. John’s experience spans industry verticals including hospitality, banking, retail, e-commerce and government.

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