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    Marketers: Beware Dementia Of The Preoccupied 

    lost keysPicture this: You’re in the middle of sorting through an analytics report, when suddenly the phone rings. It’s your colleague, calling with a question about an upcoming email marketing campaign. After a 30-second chat, you hang up, send her a file with the details she needs, and get back to work.

    Or you would get back to work… if you could remember what you were doing before you were interrupted.

    While you’re trying to recall where you left off, you get a text notification from your spouse. “Don’t forget, the reservations are now for Friday, not Saturday.” Right. You realize you need to make that change to your calendar now, before you forget…

    But at that moment –you guessed it –the phone rings, again.

    Sound familiar?

    It all contributes to what’s being called “dementia of the preoccupied”—and though this imaginary condition is never going to put you in the hospital, it’s an increasingly frequent facet of our always-on, multi-screen, multitasking lives. Turns out, when we shift our focus more often than we keep it, we may be failing to form and sustain proper memories. That’s why we’re constantly plagued with questions like “What was I just doing?” and “Why can’t I remember where I put that file/the keys/my phone?”

    Clearly, your customers and prospects are facing the same significant distractions, and traditional marketing campaigns are notorious contributing factors, blaring across multiple channels, hoping to capture attention simply by being louder, more colorful or more persistent.

    But if everyone is being noisy, there’s a good chance no one is actually being heard, let alone remembered.

    That’s why the key to overcoming customer distraction is to make your marketing as individualized as possible. People are much more likely to take notice when you engage with their needs, wants and priorities. And with the wealth of cross-platform customer data available to us today, there’s simply no excuse not to create an individualized marketing experience.

    How can you get started?

    Well, if you’ve ever hopped from marketing tool to marketing tool, or tried to make proprietary solutions play nicely with one another to develop a coherent, efficient approach, you know how easily it can all drive you to, well… distraction.

    Enter Teradata Digital Marketing Center. This Software as a Service (SaaS) solution brings all the most critical aspects of your digital marketing—including email marketing, mobile, social, web marketing, segmentation, advertising and analytics—together in one place, enabling you to move seamlessly from planning to execution to analysis. Suddenly a data-driven, individualized customer experience is very much within reach.

    And ultimately, that means less distraction for both you and your customers.

    The distractions and noise of modern day life aren’t going away anytime soon, which means we’re all likely to continue to suffer from dementia of the preoccupied. But “cures,” like having the right marketing tools in place, can help keep you on track and help your organization become part of the solution, not just more of the problem.

    Now, if you don’t mind, I have one last question: Does anyone know where I left my keys?

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