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    Broadway Travel: Taking Customers on a Journey with Digital Marketing for an Enjoyable Holiday 

    The travel business has changed dramatically since 1948 when the UK’s Broadway Travel started in Luton, England.  Now, based in Luton and Newcastle, Broadway Travel’s mission is for its customers to have an enjoyable holiday and an enjoyable experience booking that holiday so they’ll come back and book again. With the highly competitive world of online travel, Broadway Travel knew they had to improve their user experience, grow their customer base, and develop a highly agile and scalable solution to communicate quickly and effectively.

    Jason Waldron Marketing Director

    Jason Waldron
    Marketing Director

    “We spend annually three million pounds a year on marketing. A lot of those campaigns are highly tactical.  We work with a number of different hoteliers, a number of different resort offices, and really it’s about bringing that product to the consumer in a quick, timely fashion that they like and will engage.” – Jason Waldron, Marketing Director, Broadway Travel

    In just 5 years, Broadway Travel has grown their database from 50-thousand to 1 million subscribers. (Broadway Travel has a secret weapon for the growth in their database that we’ll describe later – so cool!) They don’t just send mass emails and hope they stick.  Broadway Travel sends individualized communications to a highly segmented audience, understanding their preferences AND their web behavior so the communications and offers are relevant to the customer. Segments include City Breaks, Long Haul, Cruise, Caribbean etc. and the creative and channel that the customer is offered next depends on their actions (whether they’re already booked on a trip or are responding to a real time image on their website or responding to an email.)

    “We have a two-pronged attack, so we’d look at the preference center and would tag that information based on their preferences.  But, the way that we actually communicate, we can see that they click through on something that’s slightly different to what their preference is.  If that happens multiple times, then we create some logic behind that to say, ‘Okay.  This person’s clicked on this four or five times. It’s clearly something that they’re interested in. How do we get them over the finish line?’” – Jason Waldron, Marketing Director, Broadway Travel

    Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 3.57.13 PMAll this happens with Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud with Digital Marketing Center (DMC).  When someone subscribes to Broadway Travel, they are sent a “Welcome Kit” which includes a short questionnaire about the customers’ preferences. Above all, Jason told us “consistency is king.” Broadway Travel must stay consistent to their brand in all their multi-channel communications to the consumer so they understand what the brand is all about. “That’s been a huge learning curve before we came to Teradata.  We would sometimes go off on silos, different pronged attacks, different messages.  And what we’re able to do is bring that all together in a uniform fashion.”

    The Database Secret Weapon

    Earlier you read that Broadway Travel increased their database from 50-thousand to 1 million subscribers in just five years.  Teradata Interactive is a service for lead acquisition that captures customer data at the beginning of the customer journey and nurtures those leads with relevant and consistent messaging, accurate audience targeting and a clear understanding of buying behaviors.Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 3.57.32 PM

    “So by the time those leads actually come into our system or our possession, they’re already very well attuned to what Broadway is, how Broadway’s set up and what their expectations were.  So what that actually ended up with was much less on subscribes from the data, but much more engagement, because they were so far down the funnel already that it was quite easy for us.  We have carried on working with them and growing the database.” – Jason Waldron, Marketing Director, Broadway Travel

    The result are IN!  And they’re pretty incredible.

    • Leads expanded by 250%
    • Average open rates increased from 16% to 21% with some segments over 40%
    • Monthly call volumes tripled!  1600 twelve months ago to 4,000 direct from email

    Perhaps one of the biggest competitive advantages Broadway Travel has, is its ability to quickly deploy deals to hundreds of thousands of potential customers in just a 1/2 hour.

    “We can get straight to market very, very quickly.  The consumers are not stupid.  They’ve picked up on that very, very quickly.  So when we’re running campaigns, like a Flash campaign, we’d run those offers, those deals, and they’re pretty much signed within 45 minutes.  They’re out the door.  And we’re seeing uptake of two to three hundred sales in a very, very short period of time.” Jason Waldron, Marketing Director, Broadway Travel

    Congratulations to Broadway Travel for all their success giving customers an enjoyable experience booking their holiday.

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    Broadway Travel Taking Customers on a Journey with Digital Marketing 

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