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    A Great Use of the Cloud 

    Teradata Analyst Reports

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    Teradata Unleashing the Potential of Great Companies 

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    It is a Great Time to be a Marketer! 

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    Connect-the-dots to ensure “Great” Customer Experience – Part 2 

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    A Dozen Great Moments From Teradata PARTNERS 2015 


    Press conference panel.

    Last week’s Teradata PARTNERS 2015 conference in Anaheim, California was a five-day deep dive into how global companies can optimize the use of data, analytics and integrated marketing applications to change the game in their industries. More than 3,500 of the world’s best and brightest attended from over 840 companies around the globe. 

    Many of those attending were business, marketing and technology leaders who came to share their latest strategies for driving enterprise value. As is always the case at Teradata events, there were countless exciting, informative, motivational – and fun! – moments. But my aim here is to share a mere handful that (somehow) capture for you the “flavor” of it all. So here, despite the fact that I could list many, many more, are my top 12 moments from Teradata PARTNERS 2015, where EVERYTHING was “Breaking Big:”


    DataKind advocate.

    1. Teradata announces global availability of the newest version of Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud. Our latest release empowers marketers to truly individualize their marketing and connect one-to-one with customers by unifying customer-interaction data across paid, earned and owned channels, at scale.  More than 100 industry journalists and analysts learned about this at our Sunday Press Conference.

    2. DataKind Data Drive. Teradata Cares is the driving force behind a strategic giving focus for our company: data philanthropy. We are thrilled to be partnering with DataKind, an organization whose mission is to use data science in the service of humanity, on this industry leading initiative. We hosted a 24-hour DataKind Data Drive, where participants got to choose what they wanted to work on and along with their Data Ambassadors, they worked together to solve problems.”

    University Reception 1

    Teradata University students.

    3. Teradata University Reception. Teradata University Network hosted an Academic Welcome Reception for students and faculty attending the conference. This is a great way for us to recognize the finalists for our 2015 Student Competitions.

    4. Opening night Welcome Reception. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

    Opening night reception 3

    Violinist at rockin’ Opening Reception.

    5. Epic Awards. These awards recognize outstanding achievement in the use of data to generate business value, innovative use of analytics technology, integrated marketing solutions, and partnership excellence. See 2015 Epic Award winners here.

    Conference attendees

    Conference and Expo Hall attendees.

    6. Expo Hall. Here Teradata and its partners showcased their latest offerings to continuous traffic from conference-goers throughout the week.  This was also the area where Teradata Cares again demonstrated its commitment to communities Teradata serves.

    House of Blues

    House of Blues.

    7. Teradata Marketing Applications takes over the House of Blues. Again, the pictures say it all!

    Robert Herjavec

    Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank.

    8. Robert Herjavec Keynote. Amazing. Inspiring. Sobering. “If the internet was a child, it would just have begun to crawl.”   The Shark Tank TV personality totally gets it when it comes to data and value.

    Mike Rowe Keynote 2

    Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs.

    9. Mike Rowe Keynote. Grit, guts and hard work. Loved his opening line: “I’m still trying to figure out what it is you people do.”  Mike made it clear that a team mindset and solid work ethic are vital to every individual’s success, and his gracious approach to finding the beauty in even “dirty jobs” was … unforgettable.

    10. Art of Analytics Exhibit.  When it comes to data visualization, science becomes art.  This exhibit at PARTNERS was very moving, and here’s an article about it from Datanami — http://www.datanami.com/2015/10/23/the-art-of-analytics-or-what-the-green-haired-people-can-teach-us/

    11. Sessions. Scores of marketing-focused content sessions explored today’s hottest marketing topics, including omni-channel marketing, digital marketing, marketing resource management and of course, individualized marketing.

    Collective Soul Gala

    Collective Soul band.

    12. Closing Gala at Disneyland with Collective Soul. The perfect way to cap-off PARTNERS 2015!

    So there you have it: my top 12 moments from PARTNERS 2015. Were you there? If so, please share your favorite moment in the comments below.

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    Is Great Customer Service The Ultimate Insurance For Smart Brands? 

    css_logo_f_publicWhen you sell a product your customers can find elsewhere, is there any way to ensure they’ll turn to you, instead of your competition, when the time comes to make a purchase? Ultimately, that’s the challenge every commodity-based business faces: What can you do to make sure your brand is the clear first choice when other options are available?

    For The CSS Group, a leading insurance provider headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland, standing out from the crowd is key to their success.

    “If you are in a business like we are, where the products are commodity, you need other differentiators than the product—and that’s service,” says Volker Schmidt, CSS’s CIO and CMO.

    As the market leader in basic insurance, one of the top insurers for corporate institutions and a leader in health, accident and property insurance, CSS is clearly doing something right for its 1.77 million customers –and they’re using data to build that value.

    “To enhance customer service, you need data,” explains Schmidt. “If you don’t have any data, you don’t know –it’s like you driving a car blind.  If you don’t have the data, all you can do is think –you can manage by emotions, but not by facts. I like to combine emotions with facts because it gives you much more power.”

    In 2012, CSS created a “Process House” to shine a bright light on each one of the company’s direct and indirect customer processes –from sales, claims and billing to call centers, texts and web. The goal was to improve each interaction and foster greater satisfaction and loyalty among existing clients. From the client’s perspective, this is customer experience management. From CSS’s perspective, it’s about process and quality management… and driving revenue. After all, when CSS improves each step/interaction, the company improves the brand and increases customer satisfaction.

    To gather and analyze all the valuable process feedback, Teradata Unified Data Architecture and Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud became necessities for the team at CSS.

    Here’s an example to illustrate my point:

    CSS uses Teradata’s solutions to calculate client churn and to gain insight into the factors behind that churn. If a client has a potentially high churn rate, CSS proactively contacts them to learn how they can recover their confidence and earn their ongoing business. The Integrated Marketing Cloud played an essential role in helping CSS’s marketing organization define more than 20 life events that enabled them to be more responsive to, and aware of, their customer needs.

    This data driven marketing approach not only leads to increased customer retention, but also customer acquisition through enthusiastic recommendations to friends and family. CSS understands that the more satisfied customers are, the stronger the CSS brand grows –and Teradata has been a trusted partner in achieving those brand goals for nearly 20 years now.

    To learn more about how The CSS Group is on track to be best-in-class by 2018, check out this video on the power of data-driven customer service.

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    The Great Data Lakes How to Approach a Big Data Implementation 

    Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor as he explains the challenges facing organizations who endeavor on Big Data projects. He’ll be briefed by Rick Stellwagen of Think Big, a Teradata Company, who will outline his company’s approach to handling Big Data implementations. Rick will discuss the role of the data lake, and how timely response of queries is critical for reporting and analysis.
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    You Have a Great Tech or Business Idea! Now – Who You Gonna Call?! 

    “Great minds think alike.” That’s what they say, but we know it isn’t true. Great minds think differently; great minds seek different thinking, and great minds come up with the innovations that truly amaze.

    If you’re in the field of B2B, the chances are very high that your next innovation will come from a customer – and not just any customer. For decades, Eric Von Hipple at MIT has published research documenting what he calls lead users, or those customers that innovate, developing applications or tools or ideas that become new products when a vendor captures the idea and converts it. Some industries, such as fiberglass manufacturing, are nearly entirely due to lead users, not to some garage-based tinkerer. Lead users don’t tend to be once and done – they are likely to generate innovation after innovation after innovation.

    But perhaps you’re in the field of B2C – so, where’s your lead user?

    They’re out there – it’s just a matter of finding them and capturing their insight. Some clever companies, like Legos, create opportunities for customers (lead users) to manipulate products in new ways such that the company can capture and commercialize the end result. Some methods are versions of crowd-sourcing or hackathons, others look like traditional marketing research. For example, some clothing companies find fashion-forward customers and engage in deeper relationships in order to capture and capitalize on fashion trends. They may do that through focus groups, observational studies, and other more traditional marketing research activities but it’s the relationship that makes it happen.

    But even those studies aren’t designed to generate ideas. Rather, they validate ideas. Idea generation really requires close collaboration.

    That’s why we need to put the R back between C and M. There’s a lot of emphasis being placed on CEM, whether you want to call it customer engagement management or customer experience management. But it’s as if we’ve given up on CRM. It’s as if we’re saying, “Let’s just worry about today — and tomorrow will take care of itself.”

    Ok, fine. There’s no denying the importance of trying to engage customers more deeply in each experience.

    000 cust phone young guy 200018223-004But Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is more than just the sum of future sales discounted into today’s dollars. CLV is boosted when we have an advocate and when we have a lead user. IT companies, by the way, are the best at identifying and managing relationships with influencers, in my humble opinion. But I don’t know how well we develop and manage relationships with lead users. For one thing, there’s no field labeled “lead user” in any CRM solution. There’s no CLV formula that enables the valuation of a lead user. We just don’t have good mechanisms for identifying and tracking lead users.

    Some of those lead users might be internal. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard were really lead users. Most of their early products were improvements to things they used or knew people like them would want – test equipment for engineers. Unlike most lead users, these two actually commercialized their innovations themselves. Still, internal idea generation can occur when you are close to the customer.

    There’s another place where great minds gather – a source of innovation that we can’t forget either – and that’s our colleges and universities. When you get a publication from your alma mater describing the latest in research, you’re seeing innovation in the process of becoming reality. Some, like the current studies on new therapies to reach our returning vets with PTSD or the work my colleagues are doing that is resulting in new sources of energy for developing countries, are obvious new products. Others, though, may not be so obvious.

    For example, my colleague, Kirk Wakefield, validated a method for determining ROI from sports sponsorship deals. That innovation has been licensed to agencies that sell those sponsorships, and used at athletic venues such as the University of Texas’ football stadium. Teams use his method to put a price on sponsorships; sponsors use it to evaluate one plan against another.

    Similarly, another colleague has developed cyber security protocols that are now being licensed, while another has developed financial valuation models that hedge funds and other investment types are using. In fact, the concept for the mutual fund came from Tom Potts, a Baylor finance professor.

    Business schools also offer services that can vet ideas, do feasibility studies, and more. If you’re looking for a good way to stretch an R&D budget or maybe you’re a lead user and want to increase your resources for studying ideas that make your business operate more effectively, these services can prove invaluable.

    So if you want great thinking, you have to go find great thinkers. Great minds don’t think alike – which is what makes them so valuable. There are great minds everywhere — and in top business schools, for instance, that would love to take your call. Maybe it’s time to reach out for a conversation?

    00 new jeff tanner crop bio -Tanner12-2Dr. Jeff Tanner is Professor of Marketing and the Executive Director of Baylor University’s Innovative Business Collaboratory. He regularly speaks at conferences such as CRM Evolution, NRF’s Big Show, Teradata PARTNERS, Retail Technology, INFORMS, and others. Author or co-author of 15 books, including his newest, Analytics and Dynamic Customer Strategy, he is an active consultant to organizations such as Cabela’s, Gallery Furniture, Lockhart Industries, and others. Note: In May, Jeff will move to Old Dominion University to assume the role of dean. Under Jeff’s leadership the business school will focus on entrepreneurship and innovative industry collaborations. Jeff can be reached via email at Jeff_Tanner@baylor.edu.



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