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    Making the most of your time 

    Latest imported feed items on Analytics Matters

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    Your Business Will Be Attacked How Safe is Your Most Valuable Asset 

    Teradata White Papers

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    Teradata Announces the World’s Most Powerful Analytic Database, Available Everywhere 

    Teradata Database is easily deployed on any combination of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Teradata Managed Cloud, VMware®, and Teradata IntelliFlex™
    Teradata United States

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    Webinar: Best Practices for Data Lake – Who's Using It and How Can You Get the Most Value From It? 

    Data lakes are a hot topic, but beyond the hype it’s important to discover answers to who’s actually using them and if they are creating value. To understand the adoption and maturity of Data Lakes, Attunity, Hortonworks, and Teradata sponsored research to uncover key trends. The research surveyed 385 IT practitioners and stakeholders at organizations across industries and focused on key areas of concern and interest in Data Lake adoption.
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    How To Get The Most Impact From Your Investment In Marketing And Sales Content 

    Tablet computer with handWe’ve all heard realtors say it’s “location, location, location” that sells a house. Well, now there’s a similar rallying cry for B2B marketing.

    To succeed in today’s complex and fast-paced business environment, B2B marketers say you need “content, content, content.”

    That’s what I have been saying since the beginning of my career!

    Content was king then, and it’s even more so today. Unfortunately, though, as Forbes makes crystal clear in its new report, Publish or Perish: A CMO Roadmap for Managing, Systematizing and Optimizing the Marketing Content Supply Chain, the paradigm shift to publishing remains largely misunderstood. As a result, CMOs aren’t getting the most impact from their investment in marketing and sales content, and they’re missing out on valuable opportunities to accelerate growth, improve efficiencies and enhance the customer experience. Forbes confirms what many of us have known for some time: The marketing content supply chain is now critical to growing the top line, and that the CMO needs to become a publisher in order for the enterprise to succeed.

    What can you do to get the most impact from your investment in marketing and sales content?

    After interviewing 380 global marketing executives and 50 subject matter experts, Forbes has identified seven key points of control, leverage and scale in the enterprise publishing process. Briefly, those seven points are:

    1.     Content planning. Marketers are using technology to enable an editorial structure and facilitate crossfunctional content planning, investment and collaboration across the enterprise.

    2.     Content sourcing. Marketers are using technology to establish a centralized content sourcing control point, streamline the process of managing large teams of content creators and automate the enforcement of content standards from corporate marketing.

    3.     Content targeting. Marketers are leveraging technology to impose well-structured targeting taxonomies and establish common customer profile data to improve content utilization, relevance, personalization and performance.

    4.     Content governance. Marketers are using technology tools and solutions to provide corporate marketing greater control of the quality and compliance of marketing content assets across large, complex enterprises.

    5.     Content assembly. Marketers are using technology to systematize the planning, production and assembly of modular content elements into highly effective marketing content assets that are easy to personalize, distribute and reuse.

    6.     Content distribution. Marketers are putting in place systems, managers and processes for coordinating, delivering and tracking content across a wide variety of digital sales, marketing and media touch points.

    7.     Content measurement. Marketers are establishing analytics, tracking and reporting to better understand, measure and optimize core content economics in one place—including speed, cost to sell, utilization and impact.

    Forbes found that best-in-class marketing and publishing organizations have zeroed in on these key points as the best ways to reduce cost and complexity as they grow their publishing organizations. In order to establish a scalable enterprise publishing process, you’ll need to do the same, simplifying, streamlining and automating specifically in these areas.

    How much will change in the next five years? That remains to be seen. But this I know for sure: Marketing is becoming more and more individualized and CMOs will continue to want to optimize how relevant, timely content is managed and distributed across sales, marketing and media channels.

    To find out more, you can download the Executive Summary or purchase the full report from Forbes here: Publish or Perish: A CMO Roadmap for Managing, Systematizing and Optimizing the Marketing Content Supply Chain.  Teradata is pleased to be listed among the top dozen or so companies Forbes identifies as “best qualified to enable brand publishing across the enterprise.’

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    Teradata Offers the Most Comprehensive and Scalable EDW Platform Says Independent Research Firm 

    Report names Teradata a leader among ‘providers that matter’ in enterprise data warehouse evaluation
    Teradata News Releases

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    Ace Hardware: Using Data-Driven Marketing to be the Most Helpful Hardware Store on the Planet 

    “Ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks,” come on, you know it, the ever familiar jingle for your neighborhood hardware store. That kind of brand recognition is hard to come by and yet it still isn’t enough in the ultra-competitive home improvement market.  Ace Hardware is going head to head with big box home improvement stores with the strategy of being the “most helpful hardware store on the planet” and its working, with growth up 13% in 2014 on revenues totaling 4.7B.  Some of that growth is attributed to an omni-channel marketing program aimed at Ace Rewards® members.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.17.58 AM

    Kaitlin Slalina, Ace Rewards Program Manager

    Before we dive into their marketing solutions we’ll give you a little history.

    Ace Hardware was founded in 1924 by four hardware store owners who formed a co-op to increase their buying power.  Almost a century later that co-op is global and 4,700 independent stores strong. Those stores are urban, suburban, rural and everything in between offering a wide variety of products and services such as paint, lawn and garden, tools, niche services and virtually anything you’ll ever need to fix, repair and maintain a home; all in the customer’s neighborhood.  Ace is obviously doing it right ranking “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Home Improvement Retail Stores” by J.D. Power eight years in a row. Wow!

    So how did they do it? Ace Hardware is dedicated to being data-driven; starting with an integrated data warehouse that contains data from finance, inventory, procurement, sales, supply chain and marketing. With a single view of the customer, Ace Hardware deployed Teradata Marketing Cloud to communicate to more than 35M Ace Rewards® members.

    “Teradata helped us to have all our data in one spot, which is huge for us, because it really helps us understand how do we need to communicate to our members. We have a wide range of ages and demographics that we speak to and it’s important to understand, ‘Do you want a direct mail piece? Do you want an SMS message? Would you prefer an email?’  What is going to drive the response from our members to get them into our stores and really get that return on investment?” Kaitlin Slanina, Ace Rewards Program Manager

    Allison Pecora, Email Loyalty Specialist

    Allison Pecora, Email Loyalty Specialist

    With Teradata Customer Interaction Manager recognizing customer needs can be vastly different, Ace Hardware creates individualized content and then optimizes the value of every single interaction presenting the best offer or message at the right time and on the right channel.

    “Before using Teradata it was just download a spreadsheet, put it on there and blast out the email. We could never return back and find out what the customer did with it. Did they come in? Could we match the customer opening the email with them coming into the store and buying the item that we emailed them about? We never were able to find that out. Now we are with Teradata able to make that type of connection.” Allison Pecora, Email Loyalty Specialist

    Analytic groups create a process to make sure each area knows the member and captures their data.  Processes ensure the data is kept current and not lost between areas.  The methodology is always relevancy; understanding that they grow if they stay relevant with their Ace Rewards® members, sales will come with spend style.  With Digital Marketing Center, Ace can create innovative digital marketing campaigns and the marketers are having fun!

    “It’s exciting to see! Now that we’re able to really get our fingers into the data we’re able to see ‘Gosh, she loves paint, and let’s send her the next big summer paint trends. Let’s let her know that blue is going to be a hot color this year.’ If she comes in and buys paint then we say, let’s thank her for buying paint and say, ‘How did that paint project go? Why don’t you rate our paint on acehardware.com?'” Allison Pecora, Email Loyalty Specialist

    But then Ace Hardware links from one area of interest enticing the customer to Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 5.16.47 PManother area.

    “We constantly try to communicate to you about what you like but not so much that we’re separating you from other areas that we want to move you to. If you are really big into paints and we haven’t seen you buy lawn and garden, can we get you into how to clean your patio better, because you like that crisp look to that room when you have painted it. Could we get you to buy this power washer with OxiClean that says ‘You’re going to have a awesome party. Come in, stain your deck and clean it really well so that you wow your guests coming in the door.’” Allison Pecora, Email Loyalty Specialist

    Guess what?  It’s working!  Ace Rewards® members average higher transaction rates and spend 3X more per transaction after receiving the individualized communications. That’s rewarding!

    Congratulations to Ace Hardware for using data-driven marketing to continue to be the most helpful hardware store on the planet!


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    Six Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Industry 4.0 Data 

    The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0 for short is changing the way the industrial sector looks at data and analytics. Many industrial businesses feel overwhelmed by this data, a recent survey  reveals, with many finding that “they cannot use them in an integrated manner or access them at company level”. Industry 4.0 relies on data as its beating heart – in fact, 90% of those surveyed were “convinced that the ability to efficiently analyse and effectively use large data volumes will be of vital importance for the future success of their business model.”

    Those taking on the Industry 4.0 challenge need an ecosystem that will allow them transform “big data into smart data”, one of our customers describes it.


    For businesses that are getting started on this data journey, here are 6 areas to consider:

    1. Focus on your data and users, not your applications. Technological advancements and enhancements are the norm. Applications that are here today, could be gone tomorrow. If you make an industrial or analytical application the centre of your data and analytics ecosystem, and that application has to be retired, you’ll need to spend time and money re-architecting your ecosystem. By building your analytics ecosystem around your data and how your users could utilise that data to make better decisions, you would not have to reinvent the wheel, every time an application is retired and a new one brought online.
    2. Be open to change. Today’s industrial businesses have a bevy of operating standards such as OPC UA, SCADA, and more recently, JSON. You couldchoose to embed pre-defined connectors within your ecosystem to speed up data integration, but that could stymie the ability to fully integrate all available data, regardless of format or standard. An open set up allows you to efficiently and effectively integrate all kinds of standards, present and future, without being limited.
    3. Context gives data its meaning. Assets change over time. So do factory lines, production processes and products. Specific data points are meaningless unless they are seen in their current and historic context. Take for instance, a sensor reading. To truly understand what the reading means, and whether remedial action is needed, we need to know the surrounding conditions at the time of the reading.
    4. Don’t leave anything out. Industrial processes are complex – sub-processes, assets, and systems (planning, operational and control systems, such as, ERP, MES, SCM, PLM) all churn out data sources of interest to the business. To build a complete picture of industrial processes you have to bring together and analyse all available data sources so that their interdependencies can be fully understood.
    5. Prepare to go large. There are various predictions and debate around the data tsunami that threatens to overwhelm businesses as more industrial Internet of Things come online, and whether that matters. Predictions are just that – they do not replace the need to prepare for the future. Choosing to build on an architecture that is based on linear and virtually unlimited scalability is the practical approach for industrial companies to take today.
    6. Different approaches needed for different types of data. Businesses have to contend with new data, different data, faster data, all of which require different solutions. From an IT perspective, that might mean implementing Hadoop, or a data lake, or re-thinking the data warehouse. Before you make any decisions, know that a “one size fits all” approach to data won’t work, especially in the complex world of industry 4.0.

    I’ll end with an inspirational message from a survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit. This survey found that companies that get the groundwork right, find that their employees will understand the value of data to their work, use it effectively, and keep coming back for more – in what becomes a “virtuous circle of data” that underpins commercial and financial success.

    This blog first appeared on Forbes TeradataVoice on 05/21/2015.

    The post Six Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Industry 4.0 Data appeared first on International Blog.

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    Teradata Delivers World s Most Advanced Hybrid Row and Column Database 

    Innovations allow customers to mix and match row and column technologies at will, without the trade-offs of purely columnar databases.
    Teradata News Releases

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    Newest Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance is a Powerhouse for the Most Demanding Analytics 

    Optimized for in-memory processing with ultra-dense storage
    Teradata News Releases

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