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    21 Cheeky Mobile Shopping Statistics That Prove Mobile Is Taking Over the World 

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    Is The Party Over For Big Data? 

    The Web Summit has just wrapped in Dublin. And what makes it a great event is that it is the ultimate networking party for cool IT professionals from around the world.

    At the moment, it seems to me that big data also feels like one great networking party where the cool kids get to show off all the great tech they are working on. Indeed we have never lived in an age of greater corporate investment in résumé padding for IT professionals. For many young IT professionals it is almost like the game of buzzword bingo that was played back in college lecture theatres. “How many cool sounding technologies can I get my company to invest in and add to my résumé?” Hadoop – a must have, of course. But too common. Yarn, Mahoot, CEPH, Spark, etc. Check, check, check…

    You can just picture them all sitting in some hipster bar joking about how amazing their jobs are. “I get to play with all these cool new technologies without ever having to deliver any results or value! If someone from management ever asks any questions I just have to talk technobabble to him and point out that they wouldn’t understand the pace of change in the Open Source community. It so fast that what we were doing for the last year is now superseded by (insert latest fad here) and so we have to re-boot the program and embrace X, Y or Z technology stack. Now go away back to your boring job making whatever our company makes and let me get back to downloading Spark 1.5.1 from the Apache Foundation site.”

    The Party is over

    If the big data community is like a bunch of college kids on their long summer holidays – partying hard and running wild and carefree then I believe that the time has come for corporations to pull the plug – the school holidays are over and it is time, as my old headmaster would say, to knuckle down and get some work done. For everyone’s benefit now is the right moment for big data to go back to college and to have some professional adult supervision so that they can build on their experiences and experiments of the summer.

    Now’s the time to add new modules to the syllabus in lessons like understanding the value of money, finishing what you start, building proven solutions, security matters and how to work together. Time to ensure the experienced data management professor is guiding and working alongside the bright young kids so that the major corporations of the day that are investing in big data see a return and ensure that the future of their companies is secure.

    That is not to say that there will not be any more partying, but it will need to be on the weekends!

    This post first appeared on Forbes TeradataVoice on 03/12/2015.

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    Why I’m Crossing over to Generation C – The Connected Consumer 

    I have lived in Australia for over 10 years and this year was the first time since I moved that I had the chance to go back to the USA for Thanksgiving. Even if you are not American, you probably know that the Thursday Thanksgiving holiday is about family, food and the focus of the weekend after is on shopping. From Black Friday (which actually began on Thursday evening in many stores), to Cyber Monday the weekend is the largest single shopping weekend of the year.

    The Connected Consumer

    I did go out amongst the crowds on Friday and although I went to one of my favourite stores, decided not to stay as the queue to check out was well beyond what I was willing to endure. If I was living in the US I would have switched to a digital channel to do my shopping.   The migration to digital shopping is continuing to pick up momentum and as reported in an article in RIS News, for the first time, Cyber Monday sales topped 3 billion dollars.

    Upon returning to Australia, I read an interesting article, Forget about Generations X, Y and Z: Three tips on targeting digitally-savvy Gen C where Generation C is an “unique blend of 16-year-olds who have grown up with computer literacy, to a senior who has caught up with status quo and is now shopping online.”

    The article goes on to suggest the three tips to target and retain digitally-savvy customers (Use modern, beautiful technology; Do customer research; Constantly improve.)

    Learn more about Teradata’s Retail Enterprise Framework and the Connected Consumer


    One key characteristic of Generation C is that they are connected consumers and these customers are never more than a few seconds away from their next shopping experience. To appeal to today’s connected customers; retailers must offer a seamless consumer experience—one that unites physical stores and online digital worlds.

    It’s time to shift from marketing to broad customer segments to delivering highly relevant customer interactions.

    The good news is the connected consumers create a trail of data that retailers can tap into to identify consumer desires, preferences and likely behaviour. By putting the consumer at the heart of operations, retailers can create engaging experiences that attract and build trust with the connected customer.

    American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) is a leading global specialty retailer offering high quality, on-trend clothing, accessories and personal care products at affordable prices.   With more than 1,000 retail stores in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, and Hong Kong, AEO is facing a common retail challenge — finding the right mix between digital and brick and mortar retailing. “Live your life” is the motto and primary campaign for American Eagle Outfitters. And that is the attitude of their target market, Millennials. After all, they do live their life, with little brand loyalty. Millennials love you one minute and move on the next.

    So, how does AEO communicate and have a relevant conversation when one side doesn’t come to the party? They make the party really relevant and data driven! With the vision that every customer interaction is an opportunity, American Eagle Outfitters is pushing the creative bounds with data driven marketing and the use of geo-spatial to communicate to millennials. American Eagle Outfitters: Getting to Millennials Through Multi-Channel Marketing and Data

    As to the next time I am in the USA for Thanksgiving, I will skip the stores and head online. The population of Generation C increases by one.

    Monica Woolmer has over 25 years of IT experience who has been leading data management and data analysis implementations for over 15 years. As an Industry Consultant Monica’s role is to utilise her diverse experience across industries to understand client’s business; articulate industry vision and trends; and to identify opportunities to leverage analytics. Monica has a cross-industry focus and is currently primarily assisting Retail and Public Sector clients across Australia and New Zealand. Connect with Monica via LinkedIn.


    The post Why I’m Crossing over to Generation C – The Connected Consumer appeared first on International Blog.

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